Singer Spotlight: ROBIN DELANO

Name: Robin De Lano

Hometown: Claremont, CA

Current Town: Sherman Oaks, CA

How do you use your voice: Singing gigs, Voice overs, Musical Theater and stand up comedy.

First gig: I sang on Children’s Book’s audio recordings when I was about 12. 

Favorite Pre-gig ritual: Take a shot of vodka. Haha! Just kidding! Don’t do that!
Before I sing-I usually roll my body out on the med therapy balls, or a roller. It loosen’s up all my muscles, so my ribs will have an easier time expanding, and I know my body will be flexible to absorb-so I can have a good, clean healthy voice! 

Three items you keep in dressing room: A roller, golf ball (or therapy balls), and nail polish-for my nails—not my voice. That’s just to feel pretty. 
Three things I can’t live withoutFood. Water and shelter. But after that-my therapy balls, warm water, and tweezers—brows are extremely important these days. 

Current Endeavor: Auditioning, and working on my own short form comedy show. I am also a resident singer at a church-and I audition for Voice over A LOT! 

What most inspires you? So many people! I feel like i get inspired everyday! I saw a comedy special on Netflix called Nanette about a month ago—and I still talk about it! her story, her strength, her talent. She is an incredible artist. Seeing actors make their own content—and then they hit it big! That’s always inspiring. A friend of mine has been working on a film for 5 years, she got funding by cold calling production companies, and now they are filming in two months! I think thats amazing. I love to see artists take the reigns and not wait for anyone to give them a job. I also love to see friends set goals, and accomplish them! It gives me inspiration! 

Crazy Audition Story: Oh—where to start? There’s always the norm—you know, people eating lunch while your singing—that’s always a good one. Or a pianist will look at your song—and sigh or moan. Like they don’t wanna play it. That’s always great. I gave an accompanist a fast tempo for a really high, betty song—and when they stated playing it—it was slower than molasses—so I was dying! I couldn’t hold out my long belt note…and I just kind-of died in the end. 

Best gig Ever! One of my best gigs was on an industrial for music legend Quincy Jones. Natalie Cole, Rest in peace, was also singing that day. I happened to be present during her sound check. I was BLOWN AWAY. I had never heard her sing in person before….and WOW! She could improvise like nothing I have ever seen/heard in person. Her vocals were out of this world-and the color of her voice was just so warm and listenable. I felt so lucky to have seen/heard her while no one was around. It was a memory I will never forget! 

What are you most proud of? I think I’m most proud of not giving up—even though sometimes I feel like I want to—every week. ha! 
Biggest Challenge of my career:The biggest challenge for me is comparing myself to other performers, or wishing I was someone else-or had someone else’s skill. Thinking that might make my artistic journey easier. But, for me that is death. So-don’t do that! 

What do you do when you’re not working? I have a hard time sitting still. I always like to be active. So, I take class, work on my sketch  show, and work as a casting director. I always try and stay creative.
Words of advice for aspiring singers and speakers:Create your own opportunities. There are so many platforms for aspiring talent to create their own content. Learn as much as you can from your idol’s. Where did they start? Where did they study?  If they did study? Create something out of nothing! Surround yourself with good friends and family. Learn other skills. The more well rounded you are the more you can bring to the table! And also, there are no rules. I have heard of people getting opportunities in the most unique and unexpected ways. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either! Stay open, stay kind, be bold, and be prepared to work hard. 
When you start out in an artistic career sometimes you don’t work right away—so find a good way of supporting yourself while you are pursuing your artistic endeavors.
I have a friend, who is a pastry chief/actress. Who knew that her pastry’s would lead to her being famous?  She is in tons of magazines, and commercials—because of her beautiful desserts—
When I started out, I worked as an internship in a casting office-fast forward 15 years, and my friend and I  have our own casting company, we use that as a way to support ourselves while we work as artists. It’s not my first passion, but it has created a good foundation for us, and has opened the doors to other opportunities!

Please follow me on instagram at @girlsiauditionwith. And you can follow all of my musical theater endeavors on @rocinrobin. You can also see what we have brewing casting-wise at