Singer Spotlight: JILL MARIE BURKE

Name: Jill Marie Burke

Hometown: La Mirada, CA

Current town: Burbank

How do you use your voice professionally? Everyday, I’m either rehearsing, singing onstage, recording in a studio, giving voice lessons, or teaching kids in their theater class. First professional gig: Portrayed Princess Jasmine in a dinner show at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. 
Favorite Pre-gig ritual or warm up: Along with vocal warm-ups, I’ll include an upper body warm-up working my abs and arms. 

Three item you use to keep your voice strong and why you love them so much: My prescribed acid reflux medicine – keeps my cords in good shape. MyPurmist – humidifier that travels easily. CBD drops and balm – reduces inflammation.  Three items you keep in the studio or in your dressing room: water, water, water.

Favorite gear: my Shure Beta 58 wireless microphone system. I take it to all my shows.  

Three things you can’t live without: caffeine, dark chocolate, red wine.

Current endeavor: Getting cast in another musical. 

Who has most inspired you? Too many to name. Everyone I keep involved in my life is because they inspire me. 

Who are your favorite voices? Johnny Mathis, Pat Benatar, Linda Ronstadt, and so many more!



Crazy audition story or onstage/studio snafoo: Not really a snafoo, but while portraying Pocahontas and singing “Colors of the Wind” during their live show at Disneyland, a large flying beetle decides to land on me and snuggled up inside my costume. Had to ignore it until I exited the stage. It wouldn’t have looked right for Pocahontas to smash a bug. 

Best gig ever! There have been so many! But I’m still fond of the a cappella group GROOVE 66 when we performed at Disney’s California Adventure. Getting paid to make music everyday for 8 hours was fantastic!
How do you relax after a performance or long session? Take a bath!

What are you most proud of? Becoming a marathon runner.  
Biggest challenge of your career: Learning to say “I can” instead of “I can’t.”
How have you dealt with disappointments in the field? Finding other hobbies to bring balance in life. 

What do you do when you’re not working? Go on long hikes or run. 

What’s the best advice someone ever gave you? “Always werk it”  

What are your words of advice for aspiring singers and speakers? Don’t copy anyone else. There’s only one YOU. 

Where we can find you? Check my website for listings! or check my tribute band page