Singer Spotlight: BETSY WERBEL

A true Broadway veteran, Betsy Werbel spent 9 years in “Oz” as a valued ensemble member and understudy for Madame Morrible in Wicked on Broadway and on the National tour! Betsy affectionately earned the nickname “Little Morrible-ette” on account of her being a bit short for the role. Prior to Wicked, Betsy performed for 7 years in Les Misérables on Broadway and on the tour as well. She has played almost every major city in the US and Canada. 

Name: Betsy Werbel

Hometown: Originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Have been in NYC for 25 years

How do you use your voice professionally? I was a Broadway performer for many years. 

First professional gig:  Les Miserable National Tour

Favorite Pre-gig ritual or warm up:  I like to be early to listen to music and get grounded

Three items you keep in the studio or in your dressing room:

 Pastilles, Wellness Formula, Throat Coat Tea.

Favorite gear: Savvi Atheleisure wear

Three things you can’t live without: Music, pizza, travel

Current endeavor: I am working for Broadway Plus as a talent engager and Producer.

How do you stay creative when not working or when quarantined?  

Just keep trying to find ways to make myself happy.  It usually involves producing something where my friends and i can perform in some way

Who are your favorite voices?  Eva Cassidy, Shoshana Bean.

Most unforgettable performance you have seen or heard:

 I sat in the 3 rd row center for the original "Angels In America" on Broadway. I felt like I had witnessed pure theatrical magic after that performance.

Crazy audition story or onstage/studio snafoo:

I had to make up a dance on the spot for Debbie Allen (on of my childhood idols, Fame inspired me as a kid). It was mortifying.

Best gig ever!  Les Miserables 

How do you relax after a performance or long session? I love wine 

What are you most proud of?  My perseverance.

Biggest challenge of your career. Staying creatively fulfilled, and knowing when to move on.

How have you dealt with disappointments in the field?  therapy

What do you do when you’re not working? I hustle and try to find work that makes me happen. 

What’s the best advice someone ever gave you?  To not take things too personally and to stay true to myself.

What are your words of advice for aspiring singers and speakers? Anything is possible.

 Where we can find you?  @betsywerbel