5 Ways to Have a Better Audition Experience

Like any endeavor, to have a successful singing or speaking career requires a lot of time devoted to your art; and in order to devote that time, you have to enjoy the process in order to sustain it.

Here are 5 ways to make the auditioning process more personal and fun, no matter the outcome. 

  • CHOOSE MATERIAL THAT YOU LOVE. Most if your career will be made up of singing material that has been assigned to you and written by other people. Choose a song that fills you with joy! Make it so personal that it feels like it was written for you. If there is a song that gave you chills the first time you heard it, sing that song. Pick a key that suits your voice and create a new arrangement if you have to. The most important part of your performance is that you are connected to the material. Singers often sing material that was assigned by a teacher for a specific learning purpose and it was perfect for that learning experience. Maybe your aunt begged you for years to sing her favorite song. These songs can stay in your rep for the moments that they are needed, but when you have a choice in material, choose what gives you the most pleasure to share.
  • PLAN YOUR PRE-GIG RITUAL. Your pre-gig or pre-audition ritual should include a full warm-up and specific practices to put you in the flow. For example, you might prefer doing burbles to an Aretha Franklin tune instead of the standard scales. Open up, relax and enjoy your warm-up. Drink from your favorite tea tumbler, wear your favorite scarf, envision your performance and plan to be early. Don’t forget to warm up your whole body!
  • BE SO PREPARED THAT NOTHING THAT THROW YOU. An audition is not the time to try out new material. Only include songs in your rep book that you are prepared to sing. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you have performed in before. Know the composers of your material and all the details involved in your prospective gig. Ask any questions that have not been answered.
  • MAKE IT PERSONAL. You are not there to prove yourself. You are either right or wrong for the gig and that is out of your control. Place a photo of your dog or an inspirational quote at the front of your rep book. Create a Pinterest board for your character. Use your imagination. There is no need to imagine the audience in their underwear if they are characters in your story. The room is yours. You create the environment for yourself.
    Whether you’ve had a good or bad audition, it’s always nice to plan a reward to avoid any dwelling. Look up movie times before you plan your day so that you can take yourself to that romantic comedy you’ve been dying to see. Stop by your favorite taco shop or plan to see a good friend. Even if you’re recording from home, get out of the house, take a walk to get your favorite acai bowl. You’ll be guaranteed a great day!

Break a leg, everybody!!!