We're all on Vocal Rest ;)

Okay, so the pandemic has kept us from live performing this time of year. Let's make the most of this quiet time with some quality vocal rest!

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Treble Maker

In case the crowd couldn't tell from your tunes, let them know you're a "treble maker." Teehee!

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We're all singing in the shower!

Need to label your special spot? Purchase our "Rehearsal Studio" shower curtain so that no one else in your home is confused.

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Solid Mezzo

"What's her voice type?"

"She's a solid mezzo."

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Rest up with our "Rest" Pillow...

It's a time for rest. Add some style to your home studio with our "rest" pillow.

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"Coffee for Tech Week" mug

Quarantine has been more like a "tech year" an I right? This mug is the perfect gift for those to want to remenisce and prep for getting back to the stage!

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Singer Spotlight: Insights from the Pros

Singer Spotlight: ROBIN DELANO

Recording artist, session singer and theatre performer Robin DeLano discusses audition stories and her best gig ever!

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Singer Spotlight: PHILLIP BRANDON

Jazz crooner Phillip Brandon has one of the butteriest of buttery voices we have ever heard!

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Singer Spotlight: JILL MARIE BURKE

Producer, session singer and stage star Jill Marie Burke has performed all over the world and fronts a killer Pat Benatar cover Band.

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All the world's a stage, so I'm glad I can bring my love of theatre everywhere I go with my new Vocal Vigor goodies!

Tal Fox (Theatre Professional-Actress, Singer, Producer, Casting Director and Educator based in Los Angeles.) @talmorningdew

"Vocal Vigor" is my favorite online store... because my wife created it.

Chris Reneau

So happy this shop exists!

Whitney Houston